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SOLID DISH WASH Natural | Soap-free | Lemon Tea Tree

SOLID DISH WASH Natural | Soap-free | Lemon Tea Tree

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Handcrafted natural, vegan solid dish wash. Super concentrated soap free formula cuts through grease + grime on dishes, pots, pans, also great on counters, stove tops, etc. Eco- friendly, one 6 oz tin will last 6+ months reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles. Packaged in reusable tin. Powered by plants + energized by Clear Quartz Crystal

To Use: Rub wet brush or sponge over the dish wash to create suds. Allow to dry before putting lid on.

Natural Sisal Sponge is also available

INGREDIENTS: Natural surfactant, water, vinegar, sodium carbonate, citrus limon peel oil, Melaleuca Alternafolia (Tea Tree) Oil
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