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BOLD Salt + Oats Bath Soak

BOLD Salt + Oats Bath Soak

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A luxuriously curated brew of organic herbs, Salts + Oats touched by tigers eye gives a cozy + grounding sensation. The heat from the bath releases an amazing aromatic smell that will empower your mind + spirit while the herbal blend will ease your body. 

Scent profile: A magical combination of warm and sensuous spices creates a soothing and cozy fragrance for the brisk Fall months. This luxurious Natural Scent is perfect for those who want to feel confident and fabulous and feel like the goddess you are!

8oz | 237ml

Ingredients:  oats, epsom salt, willow bark, arnica, moringa, orange, apple, carrot, blackberry, eucalyptus leaves, beetroot, hibiscus, lemon grass,  almond oil, Natural fragrance oil, tigers eye



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