Citrine Vitamin E Serum


Despite your busy day and endless routine, don’t forget to take good care of your skin. Healthy skin makes all the difference in the world. So, why not try our Citrine Vitamin C Serum? 

Our vitamin C serum for face is specially made to repair, and protect your skin from the harsh chemicals you encounter every day.

Formulated with a potent Vitamin C Ester and infused with Citrine.
What makes it different from ordinary vitamin C? Well, first and foremost, We use a more stable form of Vitamin C, which has excellent skin penetration and increased cell protection against the sun’s UV-B. Vitamin C is also responsible for stimulating collagen, evens out the skin tone, lightens dark spots, restores skin elasticity, and reduces the appearance of those unwanted lines and wrinkles.
Bonus: Citrine has regenerative and cell renewal properties that are important in having healthy skin.

Our Citrine Vitamin C  Face Oil Serum has the following benefits:

  • Helps lighten dark spots caused by too much exposure to the sun
  • Restoration of skin elasticity
  • Protect the skin from what we call the photo-damage
  • Keeps the skin healthy by protecting the membranes surrounding the skin cells
  • Has excellent emollient properties that are responsible for the rebuilding, moisturizing, and rehydrating of skin cells
  • Combat skin conditions such as rashes, redness, roughness, sensitive skin, and irritation by having anti-inflammatory properties

Don’t let dry and unhealthy skin dull your sparkle. Take good care of your skin and let our Citrine Quartz Serum do the work.

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