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Foaming Oil Body Wash

Foaming Oil Body Wash

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A Moisturizing Soap Free Luxurious Foaming Oil Body Wash That Will Deeply Cleanse While Protecting Skins Moisture Barrier Keeping Skin Hydrated and Supple


LOVE- Infused with Rose Quartz and scented with a Floral Bouquet + Warm Sandlewood Natural blend to bring Love to both Skin + Spirit

HARMONY- Infused with Clear Quartz and scented with a Sparkling Champagne + Warm Amber Natural Blend to bring Harmony to Both Skin + Spirit

TRANQUIL- Infused with Amethyst and scented with a Calming Lavender + Cozy Fir Balsam Natural Blend to Bring Tranquility to Both Skin + Spirit

8oz | 237ml

Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Coconut oil, Natural fragrance



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