Glow Crystal Infused Skin Care Set


Have you ever wondered how it feels like to have healthy and glowing skin like what you see from advertisements? Then it’s time for you to experience it yourself with our Glow Crystal Infused Skin Care Set!

Get everything that you need for glowing skin in just one place! Our Glow Skin Care Set includes the following:

  • Clear Quartz: This is an oil cleanser used for balance, oil cleansing, and removing of makeup (1oz|30ml)
  • Rose Quartz: A face sugar scrub made to polish your face and give off that vibrant vibe (1oz|30ml)
  • Clear Quartz: Face mask that you can use to soothe your tired skin (1oz|30ml)
  • Citrine: Goji Glow face oil/serum. Its key ingredients are goji berry seed oil and monoi de Tahiti oil (0.5oz|15ml)

Being stressed out at work or your daily errands does not mean being okay with having unhealthy skin. Don’t be content with looking older than your age. Always remember that having glowing skin is not for anybody else — it’s for you. Feel fresh and confident wherever you go, and go conquer the world, ladies!

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