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ROOM + LINEN SPRAY | Natural + Vegan | Crystal Infused | Luxurious Scents

ROOM + LINEN SPRAY | Natural + Vegan | Crystal Infused | Luxurious Scents

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A natural way to recharge and boost your room + mood. Powered by plants and energized by crystals, our luxurious scents are perfect for setting the atmosphere you desire in any space. Simply spritz and inhale the optimism, you’ll feel the energy in no time. Completely natural, vegan, and free from chemicals, so you can enjoy the amazing fragrance while knowing that you are not harming yourself or the environment.

Available in 3 Scents:
An intoxicating blend of lavender, peony and vanilla, combined with Amethyst crystals creates a calm, warm and welcoming feeling that will transport your space to a place of serenity and contentment, where all worries quickly fade away evoking peace and relaxation.

A dazzling blend of yuzu, plum blossom, and patchouli blend together effortlessly to create a dreamy twist on a classic floral fragrance. This mood boosting scent combined with Rose Quartz crystals will transport your space to a world of beauty and balance.

A fresh cheerful blend of pear, bergamot and sandalwood is bursting with effervescent energy. This refreshing scent combined with citrine crystals create an inviting atmosphere that will leave your space feeling uplifted, optimistic, and energized with good vibes.
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