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SERENITY Body + Pillow Mist

SERENITY Body + Pillow Mist

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Looking for a way to relax and reset after a long day? Introducing Serenity Body and Pillow Mist, a  magical elixir of rich plum and relaxing vanilla infused with amethyst crystals. Just a few spritzes of this heavenly mist will transport you to a state of tranquility. This beautiful mist is perfect for those moments when you need to find your center and drift off into a blissful slumber.

Simply mist your pillow or body with this calming spray and let the soothing aromas work their magic. The amethyst crystals add an extra touch of relaxation, helping you to fall asleep quickly and deeply. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.

Serenity Body and Pillow Mist is also great for use during meditation or yoga practice. The tranquil scent will help you to quiet your mind and focus on the present moment. The natural ingredients are gentle and safe for all skin types.

Why not give yourself the gift of serenity today? Add Serenity Body and Pillow Mist to your cart now!



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